The Feast Church

A church were everyone has a seat at the table.

THE MENU - All of our events fall under the rubric of four main 'courses' of the spiritual meal offered at The Feast. You will notice that each event on our calendar lists what type of event they fall under.

REFRESH - Times for service to our community, neighborhood, and city.  During Refresh events we try to make our world a better place to live in.  We do all of our Refresh events because we believe God has called us to help renew all things.  While the motivation is deeply spiritual, these events tend to have little explicitly theological content and will feel comfortable for anyone regardless of their faith or doubt.  

TASTE - Times to connect both believers and unbelievers.  These events are on a wide spectrum.  Some are merely social contexts to help create new relationships.  Others are more spiritual, providing a place for those with questions and doubts to explore those concerns.  Alpha Course, a sort of Christianity 101, is also within the scope of our Taste events.  Each event has a different feel to it.  

EAT - Times to read and study the Bible.  We believe strongly in the value of God’s words for our lives.  Eat events are available for all people, but deal with explicitly theological ideas and language.  Teachers at our Eat events assume most people present are trying to deepen a relationship with Jesus.  

SAVOR - Times to worship.  For our church, collective worship is not the core, but the sweet expression of praise for changed lives.  Savor events are relatively traditional church services with prayer, Scripture, singing, and preaching.  All are welcome to these events and some non-believers find it a good context to explore faith in a larger group.  


All dessert (Savor) with no protein or veggies (Eat) is not a sustainable, healthy way of life.  A cold glass of water (Refresh) is essential for life, but by itself it does not satisfy.  If one merely consumes the main course (Eat), one misses out on the joy of a good appetizer (Taste) or dessert (Savor).  We believe all four of these courses are essential in a balanced spiritual diet.