The Feast Church

A church were everyone has a seat at the table.


At The Feast Church we want to see each member of our community taking responsibility for the things God calls us to as a church. The majority of the community is involved in some form of leadership, either via a particular event, team, or area of service. We believe firmly that God gifts people to be involved in his work in the world.

Beyond the collective participation of all in the community, we do have a small team which helps guide the church in a specific way. The individuals in this area of leadership look out for the spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental well being of everyone at our church; coordinating with one another to ensure these needs are being prayed for and met. They also take the responsibility for event programming, Bible study topics, and administrative concerns.





Bruce and Janet serve as pastors, particularly with our Cumberland based small group.  They are also in leadership at Kairos Church Planting, the network that helped start The Feast Church.  Bruce preaches on a monthly basis. Janet works full time as a physical therapist in a local hospital.

Bruce has a Doctor of Ministry, Master of Divinity degree, and BA in Biblical Languages.  Janet has a BS in Physical Therapy.Bruce is an avid sports fan and Janet loves the outdoors.  The Bates have a daughter.



Caleb and Fran are the lead pastoring couple at The Feast Church. This just means that they handle most of the administrative work, content creation, preaching, and other week to week tasks.

Caleb has a Master of Divinity and a BA in Biblical Languages and Youth and Family Ministry.  Fran has a BA in Youth and Family Ministry. Caleb hosts the Marvel News Desk Podcast in his spare time and Fran works part time at Urban Greens, a co-op grocery store.  They like to travel together, particularly when there is a rugby match involved. The Borchers have four daughters.



Alana leads our children' education program and most of the kids based activities.  Preston is our main aesthetic eye, as well as helps direct Bible study and worship events. Alana is a Preschool teacher and Preston works for a company that makes high caliber art reproductions and other fine art prints.

Alana has a Masters in Education in Reading and Writing and a BA in Early Childhood Education.  Preston has a Masters in Historical Theology and a BA in History and Vocational Ministry. Alana loves snow and all the ways it can be enjoyed, and Preston is an artist working in various mediums. The Cottrells have a son.