The Feast Church

A church were everyone has a seat at the table.

Welcome to The Feast Church

Welcome and thank you for checking out our website!  We are excited about what is happening at The Feast Church and hope you can get a taste of it via the content here.

A core part of our identity as a church is the belief that there is always an empty seat for someone new at God's table.  This is true whether you have doubts about faith and God, or whether you have been following Jesus your whole life.  You are welcome and you belong.  We desire to continue to grow so that we can experience the blessing of a broader and larger  community.  We would love for you to come to the table and share in the feast with us!

The Feast Church is a new church in Providence’s West End Neighborhood. We launched in 2015 and meet weekly at 10AM at 80 Bridgham St. Providence, RI 02909. If you'd like to learn more about how you can check out what is happening at The Feast Church, check out our First Steps page.

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