The Feast Church

A church were everyone has a seat at the table.



I'm still new to the church thing.  What's a good first event for me? 

That depends on who you are.  Some people want a large meeting where they can come in the back unnoticed.  Others dislike highly "religious" environments, so a church service sounds scary or worse yet--boring.  At The Feast Church we try to provide a lot of different events so you can meet us where you're comfortable.  Here's some of the options:


SOCIAL EVENTS-About once a month we will have a purely social event.  This is not a bait and switch!  We really just want to provide a context for you to hang out, meet new people, and get to know people who are part of our church.  We will have a BBQ together or go out for karaoke or bowling or just meet up at a restaurant for a meal.  If you need a social connection first, this is a good place to check us out.


SERVICE EVENTS-Some people are interested in helping their community.  They know church is a good place to do that, but they aren't so sure about the spiritual parts.  Our service events are times we serve others because of our faith, but usually doesn't include a lot of spiritual language or conversation.  We will do things like clean up a neighborhood or prepare a meal for the homeless.  It's a time to be good to others.  We host these events about every other month.


“TASTING” EVENTS-We offer events we call “tasting events” because they are a good space to explore faith for a first time. Participants can get a taste of what the Bible says or what Christians think. These times are environments where questions are welcomed and encouraged. Our assumption is that we will have a mixed audience at these events where some people believe and others do not.


BIBLE STUDIES-Most weeks we have two or three groups that meet in homes to study the Bible together.  These are smaller groups and the assumption of the group is that those present consider themselves followers of Jesus.  That doesn't mean others are unwelcome, it just means that we study with the purpose of going deep and the underlying principle that the study will teach us how to live.  Those with a previous church background sometime find this a best first step, because it let's them learn what we believe and how we teach.  


WORSHIP-Many people do not like to come to a church service first.  But some do!  Worship is our largest gathering and is less interactive than most of our events.  So those who want to come in and observe more than participate may find Worship a first good step. 


Whatever it might be take it!  If you want to know more about these or any other events that we host, you can send us an e-mail through our CONTACT link or you can check our CALENDAR as well.  We'd love to hear from you.